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# of Bedrooms and bathrooms





Specific features you would like (i.e. fenced yard, soaking bathtub, basement, garage, driveway, etc)








Be prepared with a security deposit in the amount of one month's rent and a pet deposit for each pet (if any).

We will typically show a max of 10-12 properties, which is flexible, but we like to make sure we are showing you homes that have a good chance of working for you. Please provide feedback to update the search if what is showing up doesn't match your needs and we will make those updated. Please select the homes to tour after thoroughly looking through the listings to ensure they look like a good fit.

Please note there are options like paying a double security deposit or double pet deposit if there is push back on anything with your application. 

Note you would want to each have above a 640 credit score to qualify.

Monthly income between 2 people typically needs to be 3x the monthly rent.

We will send over an agreement to solidify our working relationship when we decide to proceed with the rental search process.

We will set up a property search for you

We will tour homes with you. 

As you find properties you would like to visit, please share them with us so we can set up tours.

There is a brokerage fee of 25% of one month's rent which covers our services. This fee is typically paid by the landlord of the property and we will verify that with them on your behalf.

Determine Your Criteria

General Considerations

What to Expect From Us

Tenants & Landlords

Clear everything out of your home.

Contact your insurance company to notify them that you are changing your home from your residence to a rental

Get liability coverage

Install all required safetyitems for renters i.e. fire extinguishers, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

Make repairs & paint

Review rental comps &determine the list price

Sign with your agents

List on 150+ sites

Let us manage all inquiries & showings

We will review applications

We will have a 3rd party perform credit & background checks

We will help you to prepare a lease

Schedule a walkthrough with the tenants to note the condition of the house upon move in so that the security deposit can be returned if in the same condition upon move-out. 

Change utilities out of your name and have tenants call to set it up in their names. You will need tenant authorization forms for the utility companies.

Open a separate bank account for the security deposit.

Set up payments plan.

Ask us about a property management recommendation. 








Prepare Your Home For Rent

Get Listed

Prepare for Tenant Lease Start Date


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